Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Collegiate Apartment Hunting: Update

Well, Emily's jubilation about securing an apartment with more than one bathroom for her and her four roommates for next year was short lived. Just when everything looked like it was a go, the original apartment became available again and her friends were convinced that it was the place for them, in spite of having only one bathroom. Emily was disappointed but not devastated and I am proud of the way she handled herself. I sense that she is going to fall into the role of "house mom" next year as she is already taking on the responsibility of financial manager. Quite frankly, that is much more challenging than managing with only one bathroom. The mere act of making the deposit was very complicated as the property management company requires a single cashier's check for the full deposit. That meant that five girls with accounts at five different banks had to have their money sent immediately to one bank so a cashier's check could be drawn. Of course, I chose our bank so I could help Emily coordinate the process. We worked out the details in advance so she would know what to do when they all got to the bank. Fortunately, a very patient banker assisted them with the process and they seemed to have everything in order. Just before he went to cut the check, he looked up at my nervous daughter and asked, "Do you want to call your mom?" "Yes," she quickly answered. Moments later my phone rang and I assured her that she had dotted all the "i's" and crossed all the "t's". She sighed, "Okay...thanks, Mommy!" Another major life hurdle cleared! More than 13 years of schooling, SAT's, ACT's, AP exams and college applications and now, obtaining a cashier's check. My baby girl is growing up.

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