Monday, January 18, 2010

Apartment Hunting Update

Last week, with great reluctance, Emily, along with her four roommates, submitted her application for the 1 bathroom apartment in Isla Vista, just off the UCSB campus. She was unsuccessful in convincing the other girls that sacrificing a second bathroom for a great party deck was not a worthwhile trade-off. So, she sucked it up and completed all the paperwork. I had to complete a Third Party Lease Guarantor form -- after confirming that I was only guaranteeing Emily's rent payment and not all the girls. Then, we waited. Today, I received a text from her that was just bursting with jubilation: they did not get the apartment! She kept her glee to herself and they quickly set about the task of finding another place. I just got off the phone with a very happy college freshman: "Mommy? I found a house!" She feels like karma or divine intervention worked in her favor so that five girls could live happily ever after, at least for nine months, in 800 square feet with two bathrooms. Stay tuned. I am sure there will be lots of great stories to share next year!

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